Preventing the Purge

Purging. We know it’s horrible for us. Teeth erosion, slowed gastric emptying, and screwy electrolytes that can lead to heart problems (aka death) are just some of the consequences of purging. Why do we force ourselves to throw up? Self-punishment, relief from the feeling of fullness, a drug-less high, and penance to our E.D.s for the crime of eating are all very powerful motivators. So, how do we stop? Here are some strategies I have used and others have found helpful when feeling the urge to purge:

-Journal (write down blessings, goals, to-do lists)


-Household chores

-Paint nails

-Accountability buddies

Remember, binging is not the enemy. It’s a sign your body needs fuel or comfort. Binging won’t kill you. Purging will. By the way, before you eat, make sure you go to the bathroom. That way, you have no (good) reason to go afterwards. Stay away from temptation!


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